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Armory Craft P365 Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit - 4 pieces

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Armory Craft - P365 Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit - 4 pieces

Premium spring kit made by a top-tier industrial and military-spec. USA facility.

Fits all 365 models, including the 365X-Macro and 365 SPECTRE

Decrease your trigger pull weight and achieve more of a positive reset via tuning while keeping 100% ignition reliability.

Armory Craft P365 Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit is the best value tuning kit on the market and includes the following FOUR springs:

  • Reduced Weight Striker Spring (-20%)
  • Reduced Weight Striker Block Spring (-25%)
  • Reduced Weight Sear Spring (-25%)
  • Positive Reset Trigger Return / Trigger Bar Spring (+10%)

Like other aftermarket companies, the Armory Craft 365 spring kit comes with the popular 3 springs that reduce the trigger pull weight, however unlike the competition the Armory Craft P365 spring kit also includes a "Positive Reset Spring". (which can also be purchased separately from the above drop-down menu).

  • P365 pistols have somewhat of a "mushy" feeling reset. This spring helps mitigating that feeling.
  • Perceived take-up resistance increased by less than 0.5 lb, however the trigger break resistance remains the same.
  • Considerably improved tactile and audible reset
All triggers, hammers, springs or any other ignition gun parts are intended for installation only by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

No Specs Available.

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