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Armory Craft Sig Sauer P320/250 Positive Reset Trigger Return Spring

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Sig Sauer P320/250 Positive Reset Trigger Return Spring

  • For ALL P250/320 Series Pistols (incl. M17/18, AXG, X5, Legion X5 etc.)
  • 10% increased strength vs. the stock trigger return spring
  • Helps aid in positive trigger reset
  • Some P320 pistols have somewhat of a "mushy" feeling reset. This spring helps mitigating that feeling.
  • Perceived take-up resistance increased by less than 0.5 lb, however the trigger break resistance remains the same
  • Considerably improved tactile and audible reset
  • Made in the USA

The problem:

  • The P320 trigger has a mushy feel both in "break" (when the gun fires) and reset (the return to firing position) that makes a good pistol have an unsatisfactory trigger feel.

The solution:

  • Our stronger trigger return spring creates a much crisper action in firing and return, giving a much more positive reset and elevating the trigger feel to be like much more expensive competition pistols.

What to expect:

  • You will feel the free travel of the trigger (before encountering the resistance right before the break) increase in effort a small amount (0.5 lb or less, however the trigger break resistance remains the same). This is a worthwhile trade-off given the improvements in how the break and reset feel. Trigger feel quality is not just about how light it is; that's just one small factor and perhaps the least important. We considered the "action" part of the trigger cycle, the break and reset, and set about to improve those quality enhancements substantially.

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