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Killer Innovations Sig P320 Velocity Pro Tucked Compensator, Black

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The Velocity Pro Tucked Comp is a high-quality compensator designed specifically for Sig P320 pistols chambered in 9mm. It's a fully tunable compensator that can help reduce recoil and improve accuracy during rapid firing. The comp is designed to fit inside the frame of the pistol, creating a sleek and streamlined look.

This compensator comes with all the necessary components for easy installation, including the Velocity Pro Tucked Comp body with button installed, Comp Blast Baffle, Comp Wrench, Locking Rings (large ring for reduced compensation power and small ring for full compensation power), Blue Thread Locker, .05 Allen Wrench, and various set screws for use with different types of barrels.

To install the compensator, you must ensure that your barrel has a 1/2-28 thread pitch and that you are installing the correct compensator for your pistol. If you are using a Killer Innovations barrel, installation is extremely easy, as the barrel comes pre-cut with indexing slots where the comp will seat against the shoulder and time the compensator. However, if you are installing this compensator on another brand of threaded barrel, additional steps and checks are necessary to ensure safe operation.

After installation, you can begin tuning the comp for optimal performance. The blast baffle is adjustable, and tuning can be done by swapping out locking rings or by adjusting the baffle size. The comp is extremely durable and should last for many rounds, but it is recommended to clean it about every 1000 rounds for optimal performance.

The Velocity Pro Tucked Comp by Killer Innovations is a top-of-the-line compensator that offers superior performance and durability. If you're looking to improve your accuracy and reduce recoil during rapid firing, this comp is an excellent choice.

Caliber/Gauge: 9MM

Color: Black

Model Fit: P320

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