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Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safety Grip Module, Gray

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Sig Sauer P365 Grip Module, Manual Safety, Gray. This polymer grip module is a Sig Sauer factory original replacement. This grip module kit comes with the magazine release, magazine release spring, and magazine release stop installed in the grip module along with the manual safety cutout. This assembly is made to the same high factory specifications, materials, and standards as you have come to expect from Sig Sauer. Great for replacing a worn or damaged part or to keep as a spare, you can rely on genuine Sig Sauer parts to keep your pistol in top shooting shape.


  • Gray Grip Module
  • Magazine Release (installed)
  • Magazine Release Spring (installed)
  • Magazine Release Stop (installed)
  • Manual Safety Cutout

Color: Gray

Grip Model: P365

Manual Safety: Yes

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(2  reviews)

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P365 grip mod.
1 year ago Works great and looks good when I added manual safety. Can?t beat factory parts.
2 years ago Order arrived quickly and meets my expectations 100%