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Wilson Combat P320 Extended Magazine Catch, Bullet Proof, Stainless

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This slightly extended magazine catch will ensure fast reloads without missing the low-profile factory P320 button. This fully machined metal version is guaranteed to never wear out after thousands of reloads. The perfect accessory to dress up your custom P320!


  • Machined 416 Stainless Steel with Glass Bead finish
  • Angled, ergonomic surface to ensure positive magazine release
  • Drop in fit
  • Compatible with all Generations of P320 models and variants in 9/357/40 calibers only

Magazine Catch Removal & Reversal Instructions

Before removing and reversing the magazine catch ensure the pistol is completely unloaded and cleared. Remove the frame assembly from the grip assembly, to provide easier access to the magazine catch.

1. Press the magazine catch until the back protrudes slightly from the opposite side and hold.
2. On the protruding side, press the straightened end of a paper clip into the hole on the back side of the magazine catch to release the magazine catch stop.
3. Remove the magazine catch stop.
4. Remove the magazine catch and magazine catch spring.
5. Insert the magazine catch and magazine catch spring on the desired side of the pistol body.
6. Insert the magazine catch stop from the opposite side until the magazine catch stop latch engages.

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